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About the Journal

The Bonn Journal of Economics is one of the first economic reviews in Europe that is edited and published by students. It is affiliated with the University of Bonn, Department of Economics. The journal will be published biannually and is in English.

Connecting academic research and young students is our major goal. Therefore, students who have written an outstanding scientific paper–especially bachelor and master theses–are granted the possibility to publish. With the monitoring support of the Academic Advisory Council, the best theses are selected. In addition, professors contribute to the journal with insights into current research projects.


The idea of creating a student economic review was born in early 2012. The concept is based on two key ideas.

Firstly, with the publication of outstanding theses written by Economics students of the University of Bonn, interest in research topics of local students shall be aroused in- and outside the University. The journal aims to be seen as forum especially for young economists making their own research results available to a wider audience. Prospective and current students thus can get a more accurate picture of the Economics program at the University of Bonn and its taught objectives. Over and above that, students can determine their fields of interest and develop own ideas for student research projects. Following the Anglo-Saxon model, students not only of the University of Bonn can get in contact with the work of their fellow students very early, thus creating the breeding ground for a research-based study.

Secondly, professors are asked to give compact insight into their current research. With these contributions covering, for example, the financial markets or macroeconomic topics, the The Bonn Journal of Economics strives to build up a stronger connection between students and their own department respectively the research topics of their professors.

In the long term, the journal will remain in students' hands and evolve under the influence of a critical Academic Advisory Council.

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